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Audipack Pulley projector lifts


Audipack Pulley lifts are available in 3 standard models for projectors up to 45kg and with a stroke of approx. 12000mm. Audipack Pulley lifts come with high quality stainless steel cables that allow for exact repositioning of the projector after lifting to projection position.  

Automatic safety hooks are fitted to secure the mounting platform and special connectors for current and video/data signal are fitted to the projector. These lock and unlock automatically when the liftis lowered and lifted.

Audipack precision engineering means all Audipack projector lifts return to exactly the same position time after time, allowing for perfect projection alignment.

Audipack projector lifts are known the world over as being the best available. Intelligent design and precision engineering ensure all Audipack projector lifts present the solution for the integration of projectors in the ceiling of, for example, board rooms, home cinemas, auditoriums and conference halls.

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