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Clevertab 19" interactive monitor

Clevertab 19" Monitor
£554+vat (£664.80 inc vat)

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Clevertab 19" Monitor


The Clevertab 19" monitor is an electromagnetic LCD tablet monitor with an ultra slim design and widescreen display. the Clevertab uses innovative pen-touch technology for enhanced precession and responsiveness.

  • Innovative pen-touch technology
  • Adjustable stand - can be laid flat
  • Perfect for use in education
  • By linking to a PC and projector, turns into an easy to operate interactive whiteboard
  • Handwrite e-mails
  • Apply a digital signature
  • Use the pen to draw, sketch and annotate on documents sent for review
  • Use the optional handwriting recognition technology to convert your notes to text
  • Active Matrix TFT colour LCD
  • Tilt (backwards) 10o- 55o
  • Resolution:  1000dpi
  • Mini-USB interface
  • Contrast ratio:  1000:1
  • Resolution 1000dpi


Clevertab 19" Monitor Specifications:
Dimensions: 361.8 x 454.4 x 26mm (hxwxd)
Active area:    255.15 x 408.24mm (hxw) 
Response time: 5ms
Tablet resolution: 1000 Lpi
Pen pressure levels: 1024
Reading accuracy: ±0.5mm (centre)
Weight : 4.3kg

Download Clevertab 19" monitor brochure  Download Clevertab 19" monitor brochure


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