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Da-Lite Designer Electrol


Da-Lite projector screens
Da-Lite projection screens

Da-lite Designer Electrol - wood encased electric screen - NOW DISCONTINUED.


The Da-Lite Designer Electrol is an electrically operated projector screen that comes in a number of different housing designs and wood veneer finishes for a more elegant apperance, great for boardrooms, where
aesthetics are important.

Choose from six contemporary and traditional case designs. All covered in your choice of seven real wood veneers (except the Cambridge, which is available in your choice of four laminates).

Da-lite Designer Electrol Housing designers
Da-lite Designer Electrol Veneers
Da-lite Designer Electrol Laminates

The Designer Electrol can be mounted on to a wall or ceiling with the parts provided, comes supplied with a standard with a Decora style three position wall switch (optional remote control available) and is available in matt white and High power surface material.

Download the Da-Lite Designer Electrol electric screen brochure  Download the Da-Lite Designer Electrol electric screen brochure
 Download the Da-Lite Designer Electrol specification sheet
 Download the Da-Lite Designer Electrol instructions

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Da-Lite Designer Electrol screens are available with the following projection materials.
Matte White
One of the most versatile screen surfaces and a good choice for situations when presentation material is being projected and ambient light is controllable. Its surface evenly distributes light over a wide viewing area. Colors remain bright and life-like, with no shifts in hue. Flame retardant and mildew resistant. Viewing Angle: 60° Gain: 1.0

High Power
A technological breakthrough, providing the reflectivity and optical characteristics of a traditional glass beaded surface with the ability to clean the surface when necessary. Its smooth textured surface provides the highest gain of all front projection screen surfaces with no resolution loss. The moderate viewing angle and its ability to reflect light back along the projection axis make this surface the best choice for situations where there is a moderate amount of ambient light and the projector is placed on a table-top or in the same horizontal viewing plane as the audience. Flame retardant and mildew resistant. Viewing Angle: 30° Gain: 2.4

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