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Fastfold screens (deluxe)
Fastfold screens (deluxe)
All kits include the frame, projection surface and carry case

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Fastfold screens (deluxe)


Fastfold screens are tensioned screens that feature a foldable aluminum frame and a screen surface which attaches via push studs, tensioning the surface for an extremely flat projection screen.

The Da-Lite Fastfold deluxe in the choice for professional presenters who want to give large presentations but still require a mobile screen solution.

All Da-Lite Fastfold kits are comprised of a foldable 1¼“ aluminium frame with two side legs, projection surface which is available in a number of different screen fabrics, see below and a robust wheeled polyethylene carrying case.

The frame and legs for Fastfold Deluxe screen utilise a Snap-Latch hinge design for easy set up and tear down, a retractable corner brace fit within the frame for additional strength. The frame and legs are also made so that the projection surface can be adjusted up and down in 6” increments on the legs.

All Deluxe Fastfold projection surfaces are seamless, come with square corners and are interchangeable with standard Fastfold screens.

Fastfold screens offer by the largest sizes for a portable screen (upto 14ft wide) and are available in square 1:1, video 4:3 and HDTV 16:9 aspect ratios.

Fastfold drape kits are available for a professional finish.

Download the Da-Lite Deluxe Fastfold projector screen brochure  Download the Da-Lite Deluxe Fastfold projector screen brochure
 Download the Da-Lite Fastfold (deluxe) specification sheet
 Download the Da-Lite Fastfold (deluxe) instructions

Da-Lite Deluxe Fastfold portable projector screens codes and prices
Overall Size
H x W
Feet / inches
Overall Size
H x W
Viewing size
hxw cm
Front projection
code / £ exc vat
Rear projection
code / £ exc vat
Dual Vision
code / £ exc vat
6' x 8'
183cm x 244cm
173cm x 234cm
88612 / £999
88633 / £1245
88696 / £1327
7.5' x 10'
229cm x 305cm
218cm x 295cm
88617 / £1158
88638 / £1515
88701 / £1552
9' x 12'
274cm x 366cm
264cm x 356cm
88619 / £1325
88640 / £1870
88703 / £1724
10'6" x 14'
320cm x 427cm
310cm x 417cm
88621 / £1525
88642 / £1999
88705 / £2033
56" x 96"
142cm x 244cm
132cm x 234cm
88603 / £999
88624 / £1245
88687 / £1327
62" x 108"
157cm x 274cm
147cm x 264cm
88605 / £1085
88626 / £1349
88689 / £1429
69" x 120"
175cm x 305cm
165cm x 295cm
88608 / £1158
88629 / £1515
88692 / £1559
83" x 144"
211cm x 366cm
201cm x 356cm
88609 / £1325
88630 / £1870
88693 / £1724
16:9 8' x 14' 244cm x 427cm 234cm x 417cm 39310 / £1525 39311 / £1999 39313 / £2033
16:10 62" x 96" 157cm x 244cm 147cm x 234cm 38304 / £999 38308 / £1245 38312 / £1327
16:10 69" x 108" 175cm x 274cm 165cm x 264cm 38305 / £1085 38309 / £1349 38313 / £1429
16:10 77" x 120" 196cm x 305cm 185cm x 295cm 38306 / £1158 38310 / £1515 38314 / £1552
16:10 92" x 144" 234cm x 366cm 224cm x 356cm 38307 / £1325 38311 / £1870 38315 / £1724

All prices are excluding VAT and delivery £10+vat

Usually delivered in approx 4 weeks.

Heavy Duty Legs upgrade recommended for sizes 10ft wide and over £225+vat
Black anodized frame option is available at an additional £215+vat
Fastfold spares and accessories available contact for details.
For larger sizes please see Da-Lite Heavy Duty Fastfold screens.
Replacement surfaces also available , please see Da-Lite replacement surfaces.
All Fastfold screens are made to order and therefore can not be returned for anything other than a fault.

Da-Lite Deluxe Fastfold projector screens are available with the following projection surfaces:

   Da-Mat - front projection surface

Da-Mat is a unity gain vinyl surface with a smoother surface than Matte White. It features a white surface for good color reproduction for environments with controllable ambient light.

Gain 1.0
Half Angle 60 degrees


   Da-Tex - rear projection material
Da-Tex - rear projection material

Da-Tex is a vinyl, gray, rear projection surface that works well in high ambient light with a reduced viewing angle. It offers high transmission and low reflective values for optimal viewing. It yields excellent color rendition and image contrast. Seamless in any width up to 16' in height.

Gain 1.3
Half Angle 30 degrees

   High Contrast Da-Tex - rear projection material
High Contrast Da-Tex - rear projection material

High Contrast Da-Tex® is a vinyl, dark gray, rear projection surface that works well in high ambient light with a moderate viewing angle. The dark gray surface allows for deeper reproductions of black, which improves contrast. Seamless in any width up to 16' in height.

Gain 1.0
Half Angle 40 degrees

   Dual Vision projection material
Dual Vision projection material

Dual Vision is a flexible vinyl surface ideal for rear projection, but capable of both front and rear projection. Dual Vision is ideal for video projection under controlled ambient light conditions. With an exceptionally wide viewing cone and light gray tint, a sharp image with no color shift is observed regardless of location in the room. Seamless in any width up to 16' in height.

Gain 0.9
Half Angle 65 degrees


   Ultra Wide Angle - rear projection material
Ultra Wide Angle - rear projection material

Ultra Wide Angle is a flexible vinyl rear projection surface designed for wide viewing angles with controlled ambient light. It is ideal for installations using multiple projection edge blending or wide format screens with short focal length projection lenses. Ultra Wide Angle dramatically reduces the potential of hot spotting. Seamless in any width up to 16' in height.

Gain 0.65
Half Angle 78 degrees

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