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Projecta Heavy Duty Fastfold

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Projecta Heavy Duty Fastfold



Projecta's Heavy Duty Fastfold is available in screen widths of over 8m wide, ideal for large scale applications, the Heavy Duty Fast-Fold® Deluxe consists of a sturdy, folding aluminium frame (89 x 32 mm), two detachable heavy duty (HD) legs and a detachable projection screen.

Projection surfaces are seamless up to heights of 4.8m, drapery kits are also available for heavy duty fastfold screens.

  • Sturdy Legs with side supports for extra stability
  • The frame is easy to easy without the need for tools.
  • Extra wide black boaders (15cm)
  • The Heavy Duty is supplied with two or three robust plastic travel cases.
Download the Projecta Heavy Duty Fastfold Screens brochure  Download the Projecta Heavy Duty Fastfold Screens brochure
 Download the Projecta Heavy Duty Fastfold Screen specifications

Projecta Heavy Duty Fastfold Codes and Prices (all prices shown exc vat)
Aspect ratio
Overall dimensions
h x w
Matt White
Front Projection
Rear Projection
Dual Vision
4:3 305 x 396cm          
4:3 351 x 457cm          
4:3 396 x 518cm          
4:3 488 x 640cm          
4:3 579 x 762cm          
16:9 259 x 437cm          
16:9 305 x 518cm          
16:9 335 x 579cm          
16:9 373 x 640cm          
16:9 396 x 681cm          
16:9 442 x 762cm          
16:9 488 x 838cm          
16:10 285 x 437cm          
16:10 335 x 518cm          
16:10 374 x 579cm          
16:10 412 x 640cm          
16:10 437 x 681cm          
16:10 488 x 762cm          
16:10 535 x 838cm          

All prices shown excluding vat and delivery (£10 exc vat)
All items are ordered on request and made to order
Delivery time approx. 4 weeks
Drape Kits and replacement also available also available

Projecta Heavy Duty Fastfold screens are available in the following projection surfaces:

Matte White

Matte White is one of the most versatile screen  surfaces for precise image reproduction that  provides an exceptionally wide viewing angle and no resolution loss. Its versatility makes it a great choice for situations with good control over ambient light and where an exceptionally wide viewing angle is necessary. 

Da-Tex® is a special, transparent material, which is ideal for situations where the projector is located behind the projection screen. The high reflection properties of the fabric mean that this material may also be used in rooms with high ambient light levels or in combination with a projector with a low light output. This increased reflection does, however, result in a smaller viewing angle, making this projection screen fabric more suitable for installations with a narrow seating configuration.

Dual Vision
Dual Vision is a flexible fabric with a unity gain capable of both front and rear projection. The surface is ideal for video projection under controlled light conditions. With an exceptionally wide viewing cone, each seat in the audience will observe a uniform, bright, sharp image.

Ultra Wide Angle
Ultra Wide Angle is a flexible rear projection surface formulated for applications where exceptionally wide viewing angles are desired and ambient light is controlled. Based on its ability to diffuse light uniformly, Ultra Wide Angle fabric is ideal for installations utilising multiple projection edge blending or wide format screens with short focal length projection lenses. By virtue of its characteristics, Ultra Wide Angle fabric dramatically reduces the potential of hot spotting.

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