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SMS Cable Management
SMS Cable Management
From £15+vat (£18 inc vat)

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SMS Cable Management


These days, esthetics do make an impression. So the last thing you need are unsightly cables hanging down from your screen.

Untidy wires cause trip hazards and look unprofessional.

Don’t get caught out by the long arm of health and safety law, and maintain the professional image of your organisation with our cable management solutions.

Available in two sizes 500mm/1000mm and can be daisy chained together.

Colour: Aluminium + Grey (can be painted or wall papered )
Max load: 3x Scart + 1x power cable
Weight: 217g
Width: 61mm
Height/Length: 500/1000mm
Total Height/length 550/1050mm
Distance from wall: 18mm
Depth: 18mm
Variable: Can be cut to customised length

Download the SMS Flatscreen WL 3D brochure  Download the SMS Cable Management brochure

 Download the mounting instructions

SMS Cable Management codes and prices
Exc vat / Inc vat
SMS Cable Management 500mm
£15 /£18
SMS Cable Management 1000mm
£18 /£21.60
Delivery £10+vat
SMS Cable Management dimensions
SMS cable Management
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Delivery £10+vat usually within 1-2 working days.