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Top Tec Projector cage

Top Tec Universal projector cage
Complete mount from £306+vat

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Top Tec Universal projector cage


The Top Tec Universal projector cage is the only projector security device that has been attack tested to Loss Prevention Certification Board's standard LPS1214. (TT140/3 & TT140/4 up to 150cm drop length tested)

The Universal projector cage comes with fully adjustable side and base plates to accommodate different lens, cooling fans position and control panel variations.

A ball swivel systems allows for accurate adjustments to allow you to set the projected image.

Fits all 50mm columns, so can be retro-fitted to an existing ceiling plate and column(please note not LPCB approved when fitted to other columns or ceiling plates)

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Universal, designed to work with almost projector models
  • Fits all 50mm diameter columns, for use with existing mounts
  • Ball Swivel adjustment with 360º rotation
  • Loss Prevention Certification Board Approved
    (TT140/3 & TT140/4 only, upto 150cm column length)
  • Adjustable side & base plates to accommodate your projectors design
Download Top Tec Universal projector cage brochure  Download Top Tec Universal projector cage brochure

Top Tec Universal projector cage codes and prices
Size (* max projector size)
Exc vat / Inc vat
Universal projector cage
* 333w x 250d x 75h mm
£210 /£252.00
Universal projector cage
* 327w x 250d x 100h mm
£210 /£252.00
Universal projector cage
* 370w x 295d x 125h mm
£220 /£264.00
Universal projector cage
* 411w x 345d x 150h mm
£260 /£312.00
Lockable ceiling plate
£80 /£96.00
50cm Heady Duty column (50m dia)
£16 /£19.20
75cm Heady Duty column (50m dia)
£25 /£30.00
100cm Heady Duty column (50m dia)
£30 /£36.00
150cm Heady Duty column (50m dia)
£45 /£54.00
200cm Heady Duty column (50m dia)
£60 /£72.00
300cm Heady Duty column (50m dia)
£90 /£108.00
Delivery price £10+vat per order, usually 1-2 days after order.

For a more economical projector cage solution see : Pluto Lite projector cage

Top Tec Universal projector cage parts
Lockable ceiling plate
Lockable ceiling plate
TT105-CU: £80+vat

Top Tec SPYDA columns

50cm column £16+vat
75cm column £25+vat
100cm column £30+vat
150cm column £45+vat
200cm column £60+vat
300cm column £90+vat

All columns listed are heady duty 3mm think

Top Tec projector cage
Top Tec Projector cage from £210+vat
Available in 4 different sizes


Universal projector cage images - click images to enlarge
universal projector cage, close up
Close up
Universal projector cage, mounting plate
Mounting plate
Universal projector cage
Universal projector cage

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